How We Got Started

How did the membership of the club swell with athletes from other schools and clubs in the parish of St. James, Trelawny and Hanover.

Well, the club began in the fall of 1977, by a group of high school seniors, all aspiring athletes who wanted an avenue through which to continue running, jumping and throwing, after high school at Cornwall College, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Cornwall College enjoyed a good run at the Western Regional Championships’,  during those early years, and after very creditable performances by a number of athletes taking gold and bronze medals, a track club seemed the best option.

Cornwall College has remained our base, for years, with training on campus, on nearby clear blue water public beaches and through the streets of the city.


The Club provides much needed resources for athletics development, competition and scholarship, from part proceeds from the staging of the annual Florida Comets Relays Championship (FCRC).

In addition, CCIF will facilitate the personal development of its member athletes through regional, national and international exchange programs promoting sports and physical culture.

  • Physical development program
  • Training and development drills 

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Annual Event

The Florida Comets Relays Championship is an annual event, age group, track and field meeting with emphasis on relay running. The meetings feature local area, regional, national and international athletes in a number of standard track & field athletics disciplines.

Winners of events will be awarded medals in the standard Gold, Silver and Bronze denominations to denote, first, second and third places, respectively.

Where possible, trophies are awarded to denote outstanding and exceptional performances at the individual and team levels

Florida Comets Relays will be a championship event and will seek to add to the development program for local athletes by providing an opportunity and expose while at the same time providing the community and the country with top notch entertainment and a first hand look at the future of the sport at the World Championship and Olympic levels.

The Florida Comets Relays Championship (FCRC) add much needed value to the rich cultural mosaic of the wider community, county and country

The Future

A recent flourish of activity has thrusted the club back into the spotlight and the hope is to develop the next ‘fastest human’ in a five year span. That will include a major fundraising push, an overall of the coaching module starting with a recruit drive among the secondary school in the western half of the island.

Through corporate contributions and from carefully selected fundraisers, athletes are prepared by a team of volunteer coaches and trainers for competitions at the school, community, club, national and international levels.

Why Support Comets Club International

Over the past two decades, the sterling performances of Jamaica’s athletes at the international level, have made the Caribbean island the global envy of other nations, commentators and spectators alike.

On the track in particular, the world has stood in awe of record breaking achievements by Jamaica’s corps of gifted runners at both the junior and senior levels.

Observers have long maintained that while Jamaica’s athletes show an abundance of innate talent, it is the school system that is largely responsible for the exposure and development of the nation’s precocious boys and girls into World and Olympic champions.

Lately, however, a plethora of track clubs have slowly blossomed on the athletic stage and are contributing immensely to the unearthing and display of talent in the Jamaican context

Florida COMETS Track Club and the larger Caribbean community extend to you this opportune invitation to be a stakeholder, assisting in establishing a tradition of excellence – The Florida COMETS Relays Championship.

We urge you to come on board and, with your support, our young athletes will experience an annual event that will be a springboard for their athletic careers.


The FCRC is funded by corporate and community contributions in cash, kind and human resources, solicited as a partnership agreement/arrangement. Prospective sponsor/corporate partner are offered a ‘value pack’ to include but not limited to; naming & branding rights, media reception, VIP reception, photo opp with world class athletes, honorary chair of relays organizing committee (ROC), journal advertising, medal presentation(s), welcome remarks during the official opening ceremony, company logo on all printed material associated with the event including uniform for meet officials and volunteers. Mention in all media and marketing material promoting the event.

Where We Operate

Comets Club Int’l Florida, is duly registered with the state of Florida, USA, since March 2015.

Comets Club Int’l Florida and New York (established February 1991), are affiliates of the Montego Bay Comets Athletics Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica, established in October of 1977, on the campus of Cornwall College, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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